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The Leading Blockchain Venture Platform for Digital Assets

VNOC is a powerful platform and network using blockchain technology, premium URL's, new business models (eCorp) and connected networks (Contrib) to build, manage and monetize digital assets. Bring Value into the Network and Get Circular Value out.

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Client Testimonials

Jack Paton

Jack Paton

To be able to co-found a student -centric internship programme is a great experience. Thank you Contrib for making me a part of it.

Jack Paton

Maai Floirendo

Contrib is a great way for people with skills and talents to connect together to build online startups like what we are building right now in

Jack Paton

Charwin A.

Photostream is going to disrupt the photo industry with its internal monetization feature.

Jack Paton

Rennie R.

To be a saxophonist and an online co-founder of Music Channel is a great honor and venture for me! Thanks Contrib!

General Features

Brand Management
VNOC platform allows you to share and manage your digital assets securely between your teams and contributors. See more...
Shop For Talent
Outsource or shop for talent within the Contrib Network to build your Venture in VNOC. See more...
Create Companies quickly and manage in single panel for your portfolio. See more...
VNOC communication apps can be integrated with your current communication flow allowing you to engage live with your visitors. See more...
Blockchain Management
Push a digital asset to the blockchain using our eShares protocol and offer fractional ownership (smart equity) while managing contributions via Contrib. See more...
Vertical Management
We have proven frameworks converting visitors into engaged contributors to your brand. Manage assets and ventures easy in our portfolio management program. See more...
Flexible domain monetization features focused around referrals and network ad optimization allows for flexibly monetizing of your brand. See more...
Our People network and customized apps create network effects with your asset portfolio while managing leads, contributors and team members in one panel. Access into 20,000 premium URL’s will help add value to your venture. See more...
Social Tools
VNOC and its Social Suite application allows for easy creation, management and distribution across all your social handles with one action. See more...

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VNOC TM is growing rapidly! We are looking for talent professionals and asset owners to partner with and develop, optimize and reposition the value of URL’s and offer value across the CONTRIB network of Members. We have several partnership arrangements available, completing the application will help us find the best fit and align expectations.