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The best-in-class white label domain management blockchain platform

Whitelabel VNOC's modular platform for building blockchain domains, NFT marketplaces, and full board domain management with our core apps.

For domain owners, our white label platform for domain management with blockchain dAPPs integration will allow you to scale exponentially and create a portfolio for the future

Get your own blockchain solution with no effort

White Label our domain blockchain management platform hosted on your servers. And that’s without any time and huge budgets spent on the development of your own tool. All-in-one domain blockchain platform.

Nowadays, blockchain technology allows for tokenization of nearly everything we own, making it a digital asset. The items that were once non-liquid can now be traded between anyone and anywhere. Every single currency and asset has the potential for tokenization. Therefore, the term digital asset will continue to encompass a growing number of items, fundamentally changing the way people interact with money, trade on markets, and invest.

Cryptocurrencies are predicted to disrupt many industries, in particular the financial industry, and those financial companies who are not prepared, risk being left behind. This tendency induces the growing necessity for the technology-driven solutions capable of supporting the trading operations with a variety of tokenized assets. By providing companies with a White-Label Platform, our mission is to deliver a cost-effective solution to enable organizations to focus on their business and customers and help them to rapidly scale up utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Main Features

VNOC is a powerful platform and network using blockchain technology, premium URL's, new business models (eCorp) and connected networks (Contrib) to build, manage and monetize digital assets.

VNOC Data Management

Add your targeted assets and instantly increase your brands' network value.


Contrib allows people to contribute value to your venture via internal contrib apps.


Our brand builder uses customized frameworks with a powerful set of business tools.

Contrib Blockchain Marketplace

A Transparent Contribution Platform for Digital Assets on the Blockchain.

Improve collaboration with your clients and teammates

Work together with your team and clients to drive better results. Set up granular permissions for both clients and team and invite them to your domain workspace. Keep your team posted with notifications in our team updates app.

VNOC Collab
VNOC Collab

Top Notch Support and Guidance

A dedicated Success Manager will help your team and clients with onboarding and using our product efficiently. You can rely on our guidance, support, educational training, and docs to help your agency scale faster and improve its service delivery.

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