Vertical Management

For a domain owner with a hundred or even thousands of domains with differing verticals, keeping up and building synergy within and between your portfolio is not an easy task. VNOC sees verticals as brands and incoming startups and to be able to see their growth, choose vertical leaders who has already been working on any of your brands, and be able to communicate with them is one of the core features of VNOC.


VNOC is a powerful platform and network using blockchain technology, premium URL's, new business models (eCorp) and connected networks (Contrib) to build, manage and monetize digital assets.

VNOC Data Management

Add your targeted assets and instantly increase your brands' network value.


Contrib allows people to contribute value to your venture via internal contrib apps.


Our brand builder uses customized frameworks with a powerful set of business tools.

Contrib Blockchain Marketplace

A Transparent Contribution Platform for Digital Assets on the Blockchain.


When you add domains and choose their verticals, you are placing all of them and grouping them in multi baskets which allows you and your leaders to vertically organize your portfolio and create a synergy with them when you use any of our portable apps or our frameworks. will have a page that shows our Handyman framework and so on and so forth.

VNOC Vertical Brands
VNOC Portfolio


Our vertical dashboard is quick snapshot of how your verticals are doing in terms of team updates, new leaders, new leads, vertical communiques. Watch, analyze and create decisions for your verticals quickly with VNOC’s vertical dashboard.


If you own and hold several verticals, you simply can’t do it alone. You need help. This is where Vertical leaders allows you to invite members of any of your brands’ teams to the fold.

VNOC Teams
VNOC Network


Make quick vertical decisions and updates using our simple vertical chatter.

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